Hyper Extended

Post-Netscape Cup Restricted List Announcement

Written by Team Tusk MTG on September 03, 2018
Tags: announcement

«« The council has spoken, the final ruling from our overlord LDM is as follows »»

««== Restrictions ==»»

Brainstorm is hopelessly busted in any format with fetchlands and Hyper has been no exception. The fact that there are no duals and limited fetches has helped a bit. That being said it's been paired with other shuffles like Tutors, Thawing Glaciers and even Survival. There are viable 16-18 land decks because of Brainstorm. By restricting Brainstorm we feel we can keep many of the 2 card combo decks around for know. High Tide also lives to see another day but I think with 1 Brainstorm is greatly weakened.

It gives me great pleasure to announce Brainstorm is Restricted.

««== Unrestrictions ==»»

Gush with the beta dual lands is a pretty busted card advantage engine. In Hyper your mana base is highly constrained, a 2 color Gush deck for example that has to play Yavimaya Coast with no way to fetch forest seems vulnerable. All this being said, at it's best Gush is draw 2 cards for -2 mana which is hopelessly fucked up. Gush is unrestricted and will be placed on the Observe list.

Personal Tutor I will deliver, You know I'm a forgiver, Reach out and touch faith, Reach out and touch faith, Your own personal tutor. 4 of them actually. No competitive deck even played the 1 tutor allowed. Given the existance of Mystical and Vampiric the card disadvantage and slowness of Personal really stood out. Finally in U/b Lim Dul's Vault is available and has proven to be pretty amazing at setting up combos. Finally restricting Brainstorm makes this unrestriction even safer, no longer can you really on the paragon of skill intense to get a top tutored spell into your hand. The obvious downside to this unrestriction is that decks now have 7 virtual Yawgmoth's Wills. This could prove to be a problem, or people can play Ray of Erasure, Predict and Foreshadow and shit knock this strategy into oblivion.


                :omMNysmM.  .:::::::::.:////:`::--hysssssssssssymMMy
              `sNmys+smNN.  sNMMMMMMMNodNMNNms+sydNy.           +NMy
             `hMMMmohdhyy.  +hdddddddhy/yyyyhdd+mMMMd.          +NMy
            `yMMMNodMMMMM.  ommmmmmmmmm+dNMMMMMm+mMMMh`         +NMy
            +NMMMohMMMMMM.  sMMMMMMMMMMhsNMMMMMMdoNMMMo         +NMy
            yNMMd+NMMMMMM.  sMMMMMMMMMMN/NMMMMMMMohMMMh`        +NMy
           -hshdodMMMMMMM.  sMMMMMMMMMMN:MMMMMMMMm+mhsh:        +NMy
           :NMdh-shdmmNNN.  sMMMMMMMMMMN/NMNNmmdhy-hdNMo        +NMy
           :NMMM:NNdhhhyy`  +yhhhhhhyyyy:yyhhhhdmN+NMMM+        +NMy
            .yNNyhMMMMMMM.  sMMMMMMMMMMm+NMMMMMMMdoNNh.         +NMy
             .syy/NNMMMMM.  sMMMMMMMMMMsyMMMMMMNN+syy-          +NMy
              :mNy/yyyyyh.  sNNNNNNNNNN/dmhhyyyy+sNm:           +NMy
               .yNyyNMMNm.  :ooooooooo/+syhhdddy+dd:............sMMy
                 :dhomMMM.                      .sNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMy
                      `-/+yyyy:hhhhh:syyy+:-`                   ..-.


 `/ssssy+                                          `/syssys`                              -`
.dNh-`.sy`-/++/-`-//:-/o+-.:++:`-//::+o/..///``///`+NN/``sy` .:///. -//--////:`.:/:`-///-``
sMN-    `sNd--yNh-hMN+:yMNo:+NN/-mMm/:sNm/sMM.`+NN--dNmyo/. :mm/:dm+-mMmsd+mMy``ym+hNo:sNy`
sMN.    -NN+  :NN/yMM` +MN. .NN+`mMh  `mMyoMM. -NN-`.-/ohNNshMmoohds dMh ` /NN::m//MMsosdh.
-mMy.``oydNy``oNm-yMM. oMN- -NN+`mMm-./NN++NM/.oNN:/d+``.hNhsNd.`:o/`dMh`   oNmms :NN/`.oo`
 .+yysyho.+ysoyo-/oss/-oss+.+sso-mMmoshy/ `ohyo/ss+:sysysy+.`+yysyo-/sso+.   +so`  :sysyy:

To review the format ...

Hyper Extended is a constructed format which includes the following sets

Fallen Empires -> Scourge. Including the Black Bordered Portal sets One and Second Age.

No white bordered cards are allowed. No new frame or time shifted trash is allowed. You must use the card from the set and can't use reprints even going backwards. For example Ice Age contains Swords to Plowshares, you can't use a Revised one, or a crappy 4th one. You can't even use a gorgeous Beta one. Wrath of God is found only in Portal, you must use that one. If a card is in multiple legal sets you may use any, or mix and match to trigger your opponents.

All ante cards are banned.

Mana burn is on like donkey kong.

Hyper Extended features a restricted list:

Ancient Tomb
Burning Wish
Demonic Consultation
Dream Halls
Enlightened Tutor
Frantic Search
Goblin Recruiter
Grim Monolith
Hermit Druid
Memory Jar
Mind's Desire
Mystical Tutor
Tolarian Academy
Vampiric Tutor
Yawgmoth's Bargain
Yawgmoth's Will



With a restricted list in place, it can be argued that Tinker has few targets that can be considered "broken." A powerful card for sure but possibly a candidate for unrestriction. A world without Memory Jar would almost certainly see Tinker unrestricted.

Goblin Recruiter has proven to be fairly benign. If anything Lackey leads to far broken game starts than recruiter. It's synergy with Food Chain was also over stated. Adding Food Chain to an otherwise streamlined Goblin deck gives your opponent something to take with Duress, adds a second color and over all just waters the deck down.

Ancient Tomb and Grim Monolith these two are to some extent paired at the hip. The lack or emergant prison decks is concerning to a group who loves to inflict misery and suffering on opponents. The feeling at this point is that it may be safe to unrestrict one of these two but likely not both. Ancient Tomb would allow for mono color prison decks to emerge. Monolith would likely Turbo Charge Metalworker.

Necropotence ... is utterly fucking busted. If you thought we were taking it off you are nuts.


Flash is the basis of a degenerate, and frankly, boring turn one combo that we completely forgot about. Rector / Bargain. I don't think anyone will have a good time with four copies of this spell hanging around, but we can try it as a playset first.

Lion's Eye Diamond has a converted mana cost of 0 and makes three mana of any one color. It's pretty fucked with Yawgmoth's Will.

Oath of Druids is miserable but given the power level of the fatties might not be that broken. There's also no orchard which gives opposing decks a chance to interact a little bit.

Time Spiral when it resolves the game mostly ends. Just restricting High Tide would also kill the deck. It's hard to justify restricting a 6 mana sorcery that exiles itself but it makes the turn 4 high tide kill pretty consistant.

Gush seems very underwhelming given how mana bases work. It's best home so far has been in Exploration / Turboland shells. Otherwise it's been thrown into various tempo decks. It certainly can't be a 4 of with Brainstorm running loose.