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****** COMPUSERVE OPEN - Organizers Report ******

Written by Team Tusk MTG on December 25, 2018
Tags: events report

At the conclusion of the Netscape Cup one thing was clear. You can't beat luck. I had hit on card 7 twice with Demonic Consultation and had Wasted and Ported a couple of mana screwed opponents. I had dodged a Yawgmoth's Bargain. I won a game at 1 lifes after incorrectly Bonusing a Scuta.

The Netscape Cup also represented Brainstorms last hurrah. I Predicted (naming Thawing Glaciers) that Duress and Hymn would rule a field with no ability to skill intensive cards back on the library. I thought combo (High Tide, Flash) would suffer with only 1 of the skill testing paragon of intensity. Gush was unrestricted and I expect at least a couple of decks to make a run, I also thought Survival was probably underplayed.

Afterbringing the cup home I was to be the organizer of the next event as is the long standing tradition. My choice of theme became clear when I found a blazing bright blue jacket, invoking all that was good in the world before HTTP ruined it. It was the Compuserve windbreaker. Featuring an air vented back to ensure less dudesweat, an inner pocket properly sized for a Palm Pilot III and a stylish Compuserve last gen logo sewn on the front it was an obvious choice for a king's prize.

Seeing as how I wasn't competing I wanted a horse in the running. Most Tusks already had their decks picked out. So I decided to recruit an archmage to come battle from the past. A mage so powerful he had millions of followers at the heights of his power. A mage I once tutored in the dark arts of mana balancing, deck building and finding better creatures than Durkwood Boars. After sending some faxes back and forth we decided on a G/B/r Survival list. RE-Animator was also a strong choice, I allowed another padawan of mine, Pants to pilot it.

18 wizards came to battle at Giga Bites in Marietta Georgia. 1 came late, 1 came with an illegal deck ... but that didn't stop us.

The break down was as follows.

1st - Survival Rock
2nd - 4c Gro Gush Geddon (Triple G)
3rd / 4th - Goblins, Full English Breaknoughts

Reanimator (who dropped at 3-0 to go get hammered)
U/b Wish Tog
U/b Infestog
U/b Flash Rector
U High Tide
B/g Gix Aggro
Gush Oathsploration
Karn's Wildfire
The Rock
A complete gold bordered Opposition deck which was illegal but I allowed anyway
B/r Squeefestation

I'd say had the reanimator player not been a degenerate he may have top 4'ed as well. His pairings lined up well and he had the power of Jesus on his side.

The top 4 matches were both slogs. The Survival / Goblin match in particular was a grueling grind -- the card advantage of Ringleader eventually was worn down by Genesis, Survival, Squee and recurring removal like Bone Shredder and Krovikan Horror. By the time the Goblin player drew his Furnace it was too late. Also he kept a 7 with Hull Breach but didn't see Green mana until Survival had already done it's damage. Even with that he was within a better Ringleader (0-4) of winning on an alpha strike. The Gro / Breakfast match was also long and drawn out but I wasn't watching closely. The finals were a pretty quick game 1, and a game 2 the Gro player could have possibly won had he played a 2nd Meddling Mage on Survival. Volrath's Stronghold also played a huge role here being able to recur a profitable blocker. The 3rd game was a bit uninteresting as the Gro player drew 5 lands and a Daze in a row after keeping a slowish opener.

LDM and others will be consulted on any major changes to the Restricted list ... the organizers take is that Grim Monolith could come off. I think it's a safer unrestrict than Ancient Tomb. If it's determined that Tomb comes off then I will surely be wielding 4 Sphere of Resistance in whatever our current Peoples Champion deems the next event.

Personal Tutor and Gush were almost certainly good unrestrictions. The only things I can see restricting are perhaps Hymn and Rector. I think if 2 people brought Rector one wouldn't have absolutely awful luck and would win. I think I've been talked off the chop Fallen Empires ledge, High Tide gets hit pretty hard by Discard now with only 1 Brainstorm. Also Armageddon. Also fucking Choke.

Go forth and create decks, don't reveal their contents and we will see you at the next event. The road begins now ..........