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The Castlegate Classic Results

Written by Brendan Hagan on July 04, 2019

The Castlegate Classic has concluded with the only newcomer to the format present taking first place. After 5 rounds and a cut to top 8, Jacob Baggs stood alone at the top with Goblins.

Video archives of the event can be found on YouTube.


Zack was first seed going into top 8, but had to leave early. Who knows if the momentum of his undefeated run through the swiss might have carried through top 8.

It was a delight to see the deck diversity that was present this weekend, with 17 unique archetypes represented. Notably absent was Flash Rector, with one champion otherwise engaged (well, married now) and the other opting for Storm this time around instead. Also notable was the absence of Survival of the Fittest, the prevailing deck from the Compuserve Open.

1st Place: Jacob, Goblins

2nd Place: Nathan, Braids Reanimator

3rd Place: Brendan, Elves

4rd Place: Ben, Miracle Gro

Not available

5th Place: Matt, Storm

?th Place: Zack, Green New Deal

Zack's Thoughts:

"In retrospect, Plow Under is marginal and should probably be another Creeping Mold and a couple of Stunted Growth. For maximum value. Gigapede might just become Hermit #4."