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Post-Castlegate Classic Restricted List Announcement

Written by Team Tusk MTG on July 04, 2019
Tags: announcement


«« The council has spoken, the final ruling from our overlord LDM is as follows »»

<———> Restrictions <———>

Academy Rector has fallen. The decision to restrict Rector vs. Flash came down to Flash just being a worse Magic: the Gathering card. It's easier to hate with broad cards like Zwang, Pyroknall and Disrupt. Flash / Symbiotic Wurm is not awful but it's beatable by racing and by sweepers. Rector can just be cast off Rituals or Grim Monolith and with a Cabal Therapy in the graveyard produces Bargain.

Academy Rector is restricted, and has paid for Yawgmoth's sins.

<———> Unrestrictions <———>

Hermit Druid is unrestricted. After watching plain old reanimator in action the thought of a Sutured Ghoul with Dragon Breath became pretty laughable. The amount of hurdle durdle needed to get this working is just not worth it. Druid also folds to every hate card as well as shit like Seal of Fire. It's bad.

Hermit Druid is unrestricted, go fucking nuts.

Dream Halls is unrestricted. With Flash combo being kicked in the taint we thought we'd let another terrible multicard combo card loose. Dream Halls is 5 mana, looses to everything and is symmetrical. It might provide something to do with Grim Monolith which was pretty non-existant at the Castlegate.

Dream Halls is unrestricted, have fun getting 3 burn spells, Pyroblasts or Disenchant effects thrown at your face in response to going off.