Hyper Extended

Tuskvitational 4 Results

Written by Brendan Hagan on September 29, 2019
Tags: events report

35 Players made the trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the 4th Tuskvitational. Thanks for eveyone that traveled from out of state to attend, and for those that took the plunge into Hyper Extended for the first time.

With 35 players a proper number of rounds for Swiss+1 was 7, but the decision was made halfway through to reduce that to 6 in the interest of time and because there would be no undefeated and clear undisputed winner after 7 rounds.

Therefore, with a record of 5-1 after 6 rounds, and having vanquished the three other players with the same record in a bout of Trivia, Max Schroeder took home the Tuskvitional 4 title with Rg Goblins.


First place tiebreaker trivia question for those playing along at home.

Name as many Hyper Extended legal cards as you can that given a 60 card deck comprised of the same card that could win a game of Magic provided no interaction by the opponent.

For example: A deck of 60 Treetop Villages could win by making a land drop each turn and attacking with activated Treetops.

The following are not based on breakers, but were instead randomly drawn from pools of the same record.

And the rest I forgot to write down. Some of these were drops.


A big thank you to Andrew for head judging the event, running pairings on paper and to him and Sol for officating trivia when required.